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Fox59 - Dr. Macari on Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

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Fox59 - Dr. Macari on Autism Treatment

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Autism and Asperger's

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Functional Medicine has garnered great results with improving the lives of children with Autism and Asperger's Syndrome.

Nutrition, Overall Health, and Weight Loss

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Learning and practicing good nutrition and eating habits will help you feel great, lose weight, and give you your life back.

Relieving Menopause

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Functional Medicine offers hope to women suffering with severe menopause symptoms.

Carmel Clinic for Functional Medicine

The Carmel Clinic for Functional Medicine seeks to restore the health and well-being of those afflicted by chronic illnesses. By looking deeper into your body's function, Dr. Macari reads your body's signals to discover the cause of your symptoms and treats the entire person, rather than just "name it, blame-it, prescription pad medicine."

Dr. Macari's patient-centered approach is real Healthcare... not disease-care. She specializes in objectively evaluating and repairing the underlying dysfunctions in your body, giving rise to the symptoms commonly referred to as a "disease."

The results? Restoring your health ~ Transforming your future.

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What Is Functional Medicine?

While there are many alternatives to conventional medicine, such as alternative medicine, holistic medicine, and natural (or naturopathic) medicine, Functional Medicine looks at the entire patient, searching for their source(s) of their health challenges and then seeks to eliminate the underlying causes of their disease. Functional Medicine is a dynamic approach to assessing, preventing and treating complex chronic disease, helping clinicians identify dysfunctions in the physiology and biochemistry of the human body as a primary method of improving patient health.

Diseases and Health Challenges

The misery of disease, physical injury and other health challenges, if left untreated (or treated incorrectly) can become the focus of your entire life. Dr. Macari looks at the underlying issues that are causing your disease or other health problem and leads you through the process of healing through proper nutrition, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, and the use of nutraceutical supplements. There are a number of underlying conditions that can exist in the human body that bring about disease. By testing for the existence of these conditions, Dr. Macari can locate the true source of your disease(s) and set you on a path to healing. No more masking your symptoms with drugs ... Functional Medicine seeks to discover and eradicate the underlying causes of disease.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

HBOT (or hyperbaric oxygen therapy) is done using a hyperbaric chamber which uses pure oxygen at higher than normal atmospheric pressures to "infuse" the body's tissue with healing oxygen.

Radio Shows

Dr. Macari has produced over 50 radio shows on a wide variety of health topics. We invite you to peruse the catalog of shows and listen to any that interest you. The discussions in the audio files will give you a good understanding of Dr. Macari's Functional Medicine approach to healthcare.